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'Tis the Season (Struggle).

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, I wanted to send a reminder to those who may find this time of year to be emotionally challenging:

It’s okay to tap out.

No, really.  These lights and trees and bells have a way of bringing up all sorts of memories, both good and bad.

If you just can’t seem to get dressed for that holiday party, it’s okay. Grab some clean pj’s and make it a Netflix night.

Does the sound of “O Holy Night” conjure up memories that are too difficult to bear? Add more upbeat songs to your holiday playlist!

I personally cannot deal with slow Christmas songs right now, so I switched to Motown Christmas. 

Grief during the holidays is so much easier to deal with if you’re listening to little Michael Jackson sing “Up On The Housetop”. Try it and thank me later.

This journey is so complicated, and some people (without realizing that it's insensitive) may ask what you plan on doing to get through it.

Your response should be: “Whatever works for me”

They may also ask how long you’ll be feeling this way.

Your response? “Until I don’t.”

There is no timetable for grief.

It’s YOUR loss. Do what works for you...and let's hope that next year is a little easier.

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