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Time To Take A Deep Breath.

As news outlets give us round-the-clock coverage of this pandemic, it's very easy to be affected mentally. Cancellation of events, financial uncertainty, and even the lack of social interaction is enough to do a number on anyone who already suffers from depression or anxiety. It's been a hard couple of weeks for so many of us, and it doesn't seem to be getting better. To be honest, I could feel myself slowly approaching "Spin-Out" status...which is why I grabbed my laptop and decided to share with you all instead. Here are a few things that I've found to be helpful during this time: -Take a social media break. No, seriously. Nothing can be gained from arguing about fake conspiracy theories with total strangers. -If you're like me and are easily affected by what you watch on television, binge-watch happy or funny shows. Save those crime dramas and natural disaster documentaries for another time. -READ! Books offer a temporary escape from reality. Again, stay away from serious topics and choose something light instead. -Get your creative juices flowing! This is the perfect time to work on a home project or craft. Pinterest is my happy place. Log in and thank me later. -FaceTime your friends. Sure, texting is more convenient, but I've found that face-to-face interaction is just what I need when I'm not feeling like myself. -Break out the board games! Not only does it allow for bonding with your family during this extended vacation, but it keeps your brain stimulated...and since I suffer from major grief-brain, I need all the stimulation I can get! Live alone? No worries! Try online games like Scrabble and play against your friends.

-Never underestimate the power of a good journal session. Getting your emotions on paper is a good way to release whatever you're dealing with at the moment. If it weren't for my love of writing, The Process wouldn't exist. Cheers to journaling! -Adjust your nighttime routine for a good night's sleep. Herbal teas and essential oils are great ways to wind down at the end of the day.

-Still need to calm down? There's an app for that! I've been using the Calm app for several months now, and it's a life-saver! Right now, they're offering free resources that include meditations, music, and stories to assist in mental wellness. I've included their link below:

-Last, but not least, I strongly recommend that you connect with a therapist if you are feeling like you need other tools to help you cope. Your employer may provide them through their Employee Assistance Program, so check with them first. It's rough. Anxiety, fear, depression, our brains are all over the place...but let's remain committed to wellness and healing.

And don't forget to take a deep breath.

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1 Comment

Courtney Crawford
Courtney Crawford
Mar 18, 2020

Whew 🙌🏽

Thank you this was so needed and right on time. I’m looking into getting a therapist. I still have totally faith in God also. Like you said nothing wrong with taking to someone.

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