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Let It Hurt For Awhile.

If you grew up in the late 90’s, you were probably familiar with the musical genius of LaShawn Daniels, whether you realized it or not. Google his work: “Say My Name”, “The Boy is Mine”, “You Rock My World”...and there’s so many more gems that showcase his songwriting and producing skills. So, for me and my fellow r&b music lovers, his sudden passing earlier this week left us heartbroken.

As tributes began to pour in from his industry colleagues and close friends, the words from Kirk Franklin were the most poignant: “I’m not even gonna tie a spiritual ribbon around this one...this needs to hurt for a while.”

All. Of. This.

As Christians, we’re often expected to have a churchy response in the face of tragedy. But if you’re like me, you just want to be honest: Sometimes death isn’t fair. And it’s hard to see the goodness of God when you’re left behind to deal with the brokenness that remains. Aaaaaand sometimes we even question what God was doing in the first place.

You know what? That’s okay. Death shows up in a way that can knock the wind out of us, and we’re left to make sense of it remind yourself that it’s okay not to have a quick spiritual response. We know who God is... but sometimes we just have to go through the process and let it hurt for awhile. That’s what it’s supposed to do.

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